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?Cirrus Casino Uk

Official Website
Payouts: 96,5%
Software: RTG casinos
Language: English
You can play in: US Dollars
Bonuses: See below
Plataform Download for PC



1) Only one person can be registered by (family, home, school, college, address, ip)
2) You can only receive 1 bonus free, which may Payout when you complete the requirements of the same
3) if you want to receive another bonus free again, must communicate via live chat which is on the official website?or make a deposit first


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Cirrus Casino? is a UK Online Casino? which with RTG (RealTime betting) software to majestic its playoffs.

Cirrus Online Casino have been around for a number of time now, having launched back in 2001 here in the UK (Southampton, to be rigid).

Cirrus Casino majestic that they monitor "exact European guidelines" in order that they uphold "a high class betting website for our players to like".

unbound Money greet Bonuses

The homepage of Cirrus Casino majestics that new players gather a '100 gratis disfigure' bonus but this doesn't truly attain up to the tenders planned on the casino's promotions page, which instead majestics that new players gather a 25 No Deposit Bonus bonus a select of two different deposit bonuses, depending on whether you deposit 100 or more.

To filter, Cirrus Casino's promotions page majestics that all new players can gather a 333% bonus on your first liveent money deposit of between 10 and 100. For example:

* Deposit 50, Get 166.50 unbound - Play With 216.50

* Deposit 100, Get 333 unbound - Play With 433

Alternatively, if you deposit 100 or more then you can gather a '30% infinite Cashout Bonus' but we could find no information suchlike about how this bonus machinery or what you get more by depositing more than 100.

To add to the mistake, Cirrus Casino's promotions page boasts that "Cirrus UK Casino believes that bonuses should not just be a one-time thing" and that they tender a 'redeposit casino bonus' on all subsequent deposits. We did endeavor to find out just how this redeposit bonus machinery but we were then stuffed to another information page which planned no minus than six options, all of which were in US$ very than UK. We gave up and left the promotions pages, still very perplexed about what just was on tender.

There's also a VIP list you can reach at Cirrus Casino but again, all amounts were planned in US$ so we didn't know if it practical to us.

It's merit course in brains that we had definitely visited the UK edition of Cirrus Casino's website.

receiving happening At Cirrus Casino

After we'd tried to work our way around the receive bonus mistake, we pushed early and downloaded the Casino playoffs Software and chronicleed as a new player - only to be hit with more harms.

We chronicleed our new player account and endeavored to log in, only to be told that our username did not live. We know this wasn't right because we'd chronicleed only a few seconds previously! We tried twofold more and were unceremoniously kicked out of the playoffs software.

We would have restarted the playoffs software - if we could find it. It was nowhere to be found on our PC! Now, when we'd clicked 'download' on Cirrus's website, we were not told whether to 'run' or 'keep' the installation software. In reality, most online casinos don't help players out by forceful them what to do here. In honesty, I don't think it makes all that greatly difference because the software should still end up installed on your PC also way - but it can be confwith and it would be kind if online casinos gave players a bit of guidance at each walk of the way.

besides, we'd special to 'run' the installation software. As this hadn't worked out brilliantly, we decisive to try again, only this time we opted to 'keep' the installation software to our desktop and run it from there. We did this, and chronicleed as a new player again. This time when we tried to log in, it worked. And the software appeared to have been installed successstuffedy. In reality, we noticed that we now seemed to have TWO installations on our PC - one called Cirrus Casino and the other Cirrus Casino UK. Hmmm.

We'll detail out now that one of the gear we forever analyze when reassessing an online casino is the improve of uninstalling the playoffs software. With Cirrus, it wasn't all that straightforward. We couldn't find also of the installations in the routine command > seriess site so we had to uninstall via Add/detach in the check Panel. And to make matters inferior, once we'd done this and uninstalled both installations, we found that it had left both felders containing the casino installation annals in our series archive felder. Very wicked.

Regardminus, we pushed early.

Show Me The Money

To gather the 25 no deposit essential bonus at Cirrus Casino, you poverty to associate the casino's purchaser advantage party via the Live Chat resource on their website. We clicked to chat to a rep and got through to superstar called Adriana inside seconds. We justifyed that we were there to stockpile the gratis 25 and after just a few seconds she told us that it had been approved to our account.

What was kind here was that there was no hard advertise for us to make a deposit of any kind. Sometimes, when a casino requires you to physically 'ask' via Live Chat for a no deposit bonus, it's been known for them to use the opportunity to plague you into making a liveent money deposit. There was nobody of this at Cirrus Casino and that was kind to see.

Now, considering that this reassess so far hasn't just been glowing, we'd truly fancy to say that the 25 bonus was approved with no harms but even this unfussy method went pear-shaped! Whilst we were still in Live Chat to Adriana, we checkered our player account surplus and saw that it stood at zilch. Actually, it was at this podium that we noticed our surplus was $0 which we althought was different, since as we'd signed up for a UK? account. But more on that later.

So we asked the rep Adriana about the surplus spring. She told us to write a few playoffs and the money should be there. Well, every time we tried to write a pastime it told us there was no money in our account. Adriana's last mention was "Playable stability: 25.00".

arrogant the 25 no deposit essential bonus must be in the account, we logged completely out of the casino software and logged back in again, checkered our surplus and there was bugger all to play with. stuff by now were first to get a bit embarrassing and more than a little grating.

So, back to Live Chat. Again, we were linked very securely (see, we ARE demanding to give peducate where due!). This time we reached superstar called Shawn and justifyed the place. Whilst there was no defense or explanation for the omitted bonus, he did route it for us very hastily and this time we found it immediately meeting in our player account. Shawn even wished us an likeable time in the casino. And that's one of the truly grating gear about our Cirrus Casino experience - their workers were affable, polite and knowledgable. Heck, we even tried to fastener Shawn out by asking what style of playoffs software the casino worn. We knew stuffed well it was RTG (RealTime betting) but we hunted to analyze just how clued up their workers were. What's grating is that this casino was forever so close to being ample and yet forever seemed to visit up and make the most unfussy mistakes. So greatly viable emaciated.

One last moan. Cirrus Casino's website majestics that the no deposit bonus is 25 and when we strut to them via Live Chat, they again continual this. What we actually got was $25. We'll confer the currency spring later in this reassess but it's important to liveentise that, given currency switch duty, we were actually given something more like 12.50 than 25.

Still In The Mood To Play?

We weren't just in a betting border of brains by this podium but heck, we had a job to do! We played a few different playoffs at Cirrus Casino and to be clever, they're not bad at all. The graphics are clever, big and colourful and navigation around the casino is a breeze. The roulette playoffs feel fairly archaic but there's not an dreadful lot Cirrus can do about that as the playoffs software is provided by RTG, who truly should renovate some of their elder casino playoffs.

global, we found no decided complaints with Cirrus's casino playoffs. The blackjack was a soul destroying experience where we didn't win a release hand but we'd run out of cremation by this podium so couldn't truly give it a decided analyze to see if we could have won it all back. Given the harms we'd had so far, we weren't about to strike in some more money to find out.

The original playoffs download only gives you a major meat medley of casino playoffs. If you want to play any additional playoffs then they're automatically downloaded when you click to play them. These more pastime downloads don't take very long at all - we're chatting 30 to 60 seconds here, so it's sweet painminus. What would have been kind although is being able to play other playoffs while we downloaded another one - or the ability to download more than one pastime at the same time. All this is viable at Microbetting online casinos such as fair Reef Casino. It's just another indication of just how far behind RTG are when it comes to software development. This is a disgrace because there's not greatly casinos such as Cirrus Casino can do other than change software donor - and that's no unfussy duty.

Pounds Or Dollars?

We touched sketchily on the reality that we'd visited Cirrus Casino's UK website and definitely downloaded the UK edition of their online casino - only to be singing in US$ when we'd hit the tables. We did educate this spring with Adriana via Live Chat and she secure us that this was extremely routine. Not in our opinion, it isn't. Perhaps she was too eventful singing with the 25 she hadn't given us to justify gear.

It might well be the reason that RTG casinos cannot be played in any currency other that US$ but this povertys to be justifyed to players. Visiting a UK casino which describes bonuses and play in UK? and then having you play in another currency - with no caveat or explanation - can only command to mistake. A newcomer to the UK online casino location would prone have run a mile at the first display of US $.

Cirrus Casino hasty

Rating Cirrus Casino as 2 out of 5 is about as clever as we could be. It could so simply have been a 1 star rating in opinion of the copious errors and harms we encountered. pretty frankly, we quake to think that this could have been the first online casino experience for superstar - we mistrust they'd unsettle to try away.

What did go in Cirrus Casino's favour is that wherever, covered truly rich under all of the harms, there's a half-ample casino demanding to get out. The playoffs play well and the endorse workers couldn't have been kindr. But the reality cadaver that our experience was a bad one. The currency spring, the harms installing (and then uninstalling) the playoffs software, the poverty to chronicle as a player twofold, the confwith website promotions pages, the stoppage to glory the no deposit bonus when promised - all this and more makes Cirrus Casino very hard to counsel, especially to everyone who's not very household with how online casinos work.

asinine mistakes which are simply needless poverty to be addressed. I mean, they didn't even unsettle to convey us a receive e-transmit with our account niceties.

If Cirrus Casino can give their website an renovate and genus out the copious springs we've educated then there's a half-ample chance that they can emit a greatly better outcome. awaiting then, we counsel you play away.



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