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which is now Merged with epokerschool, to create the Ultimate Online Poker School!

The School has one simple aim – to create winning poker players.


In order to make this happen, we offer a total of $150 bankroll to get you up and running in your poker career. This way, you don’t have to deposit your own money. Instead, we will teach you how to become a winning poker player, managing your bankroll so that you never have to deposit your own money. This offer is absolutely free and has no obligations on your part whatsoever.

Getting You Started


To make sure that you are 100% ready to start playing for real money and winning at the tables, our team of experienced coaches have developed the most comprehensive step-by-step poker coaching system which will give you the strategic foundation for long-term, profitable poker playing.


In our Classes section you’ll find the widest range of learning material, which builds step-by-step into the ultimate poker strategy course. The material will explain precisely the key principles of Texas Hold'Em, backing up the course content with practical examples and Q&A sessions.

Turning Theory into Practice


We understand that there really is no better way to learn than by playing yourself and by seeing the way the professionals do it. So in addition to the full course content, we offer coaching with top poker professionals, sample hand analysis, coaching videos, free poker analysis software and much more.

Your Poker Community

The Poker Room School Community Forum is a great place to meet like-minded poker people. Get poker theory and poker tips from our coaches and be part of the discussion - it’s the ideal way to get in touch with other players who are working to raise their own games too.


The Community will let you chat with other players about all things poker or anything else for that matter!

About The Poker Room School Team:

Our team is made up of expert poker players from all over the globe. We’re committed to using our experience to turn all our members into winning poker players. You’ll find coaches who are experienced at all levels, in all styles of play and are ready to pass on the secrets of successful poker play!

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