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Free $50 + $100 Us Dollars for play to any Poker Platform

The best poker education - for free!
Pass our quiz to get $50+$100 free starting capital!
From beginner to professional – with our strategies!
If up to us you will never have to deposit your own money! Simply pass the quiz and receive your starting capital!

Guide to claim the bonus

Step 1) You must enter this link and enroll in the program PS150
Step 2) You must read the articles of basic education depending on how you choose to play poker
Step 3) You must complete the quiz or review to prove you've learned anything in these articles and already prepared to receive the money, it's easy, the answers are found at the end of each article of education.
Step 4) You must choose the poker platform to use, then.
a) You must download the poker platform chosen and register it by entering the bonus code PS150.
b) You must complete your registration data real progress in the poker platform "without making any deposit"
Step 4) Then, if everything is correct should receive the money within the next 4 days or more could require your person to corroborate that no more than trying to create an account that is what allowed. In any event can happen as follows:
a) They could ask you to send a "scan or photo of your identity card, identity card, passport or other item to confirm your identity.
b) They could ask you to send a "scan or photograph" of an invoice or payment of any private or public service to corroborate your address.
c) They could ask a telephone number where they can contact you to verify your identity.
This is mandatory in all cases as may be required, in any form can also change the shipments in order to show only the material requested "numbers, names, addresses" and could erase sections such as fingerprints, photo, etc..
Step 5) You can also register your family, friends, neighbors go directly to remember commented, is the only thing we ask in return for help ease the entry to receive the money.
Step 6) If you have not registered you do not expect more, and access to this link and start playing like a pro, with the money of others;)

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