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The best Poker Online $500 bonus

Bonus: $500 to %100

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What could be more fun than winning a hundred dollars in a fast-paced, sit and go tournament? Winning $100,000 or more at that same tournament!

Titan Poker is proud to propose its players an complete bonanza tournament sequence, where they can take home money prizes of tens of thousands of dollars.

Win six consecutive $50+$9, six-player castle Knox sit and go tournaments and youll take home the bonanza prize initial at $50,000. The bonanza increases by $10,000 every week and has frequently been medaled with prizes as high as $150,000.

If your consecutive winning stretch is busted and you polish in jiffy place, dont anxiety. You still check for a prize! Six tournaments in a row with also a first or jiffy place polish gives you $750 in money.

The Rio prize starts out primarily at $25,000 and increases by $10,000 each week awaiting some adroit player manages to win six of the tournaments in a row. The Maui prize starts at $15,000 and also increases progressively week by week. Thats an incredible agreement for a $5 + $1 sit and go tournament account.

Dont have a big funds for tournament play? Theres a bonanza sit and go tournament sequence for you? the corrupt Dozen. And all you have to do is win four tournaments in a row for a spry $2,000 prize.

prize sit and go tournaments = poker action with colossal prizes at Titan Poker! Titan Poker presently proposes more than $16,000,000 in monthly guaranteed prizes. Get into the action at Titan Poker nowadays!


Titan Poker is a large poker span that frequently proposes exclusive bonuses and promotions for PokerTips.org readers. This situate perhaps proposes the best promotions of any situate reviewed on PokerTips. Titan's player pedestal lately enlarged next a merge with a slighter interact.

They also have pursuiting bonanza Sit-'N'-Go promotions. Most of the sport played on Titan Poker are no-check cuddle'em sport, while shorthanded rigid-check cuddle'em is also admired for small stakes.

presently, players are vying for seats in a exclusive $1,500+$80 tournament that will have a guaranteed prize puddle of $2,500,000. This tournament will be seized on September 7th.


Use bonus order tips to get a 150% bonus up to $600. However, want achieve that it takes a long time to work off this bonus. See our Titan Poker Bonus examine for more goodties.


Titan Poker runs a lot of good promotions. Some of these enter sit-and-go bonanza tournaments, where players win an additional prize if they win a certain quantity of sit-and-go tournaments consecutively. For example, if somebody wins four consecutive $2+$.40 "corrupt Dozen" SNG tournaments, he or she would win an additional $2,000 prize.

In addition, they have a bad beat bonanza, as well as a high hand of the day promotion.


This situate's scheduled tournaments are plagued with satellites and small buy-in tournaments with guaranteed prize puddles. A solid mixture of sit-n-gos are free, plus bonanza tournaments that medal big payouts to players who win a certain number of tournaments in a row. For example, there is a $25,000 bonanza to everyone who wins 6 consecutive $20+$3.50 6-max tournaments. spot that the enlarged account fee for these bonanza sit-n-gos render them a bad investment for players of virtually every flair ability.

In September, Titan Poker is cuddleing a $1,500+$80 buy-in tournament with a guaranteed prize puddle of $2,500,000. This will be one of the chief online tournaments in 2008. Take your shot at a colossal payday for as little as $3 nowadays.


Titan Poker's kindware has its plusses and minuses. The moneyier and lobby interfaces are good, but the gameplay can be incredibly grating. It is too lively, with too many blinking light. The kindware is also buggier than most online poker spans' kindware.

just, Titan Poker free an application called "My hasty Alert" that informs players of future tournaments of pursuit through their notebook's order tray.

Competition intensity

In common, the competition is somewhat easier here than at most situates. The check cuddle'em sport can be a varied bag. For low stakes, they are very kind, but regularly are harder at superior levels. The no-check sport cultivate to be consistently kinder here than at most other online situates. However, the $2/$4 no-check sport (and superior) are initial to get tougher.

client repair

Titan Poker has an wide purchaser bolster bunch and proposes contact, ring, and live chat bolster. However, some of the agents are not as knowledgeable about poker as you'd wish they would be.

clang playoffs unfilled

Texas wear'em, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, 7-license stud, 7-license stud hi-lo, 5-license stud

permanent confines: $.02-$.04 to $300-$600

NL & PL Blinds: $.01-$.02 to $100-$200

Tournaments unfilled

wear'em (rigid-check, PL and NL), Omaha PL, Omaha hi-lo (rigid-check and PL)

Heads-Up: $1 to $1,000

lone-stall: $1 to $200

Multi-stall: $2 to $200

least Deposit


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